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2nd international summit on children, arts and culture
Copenhagen 2020

About the Summit


Children Need Arts is a global children’s summit in Copenhagen which deals with the positive impact of arts and culture on children’s lives around the globe. The summit will be helt in Copenhagen in the spring of 2020.


Because we believe all children and young people have a right to develop and fulfill their potential in life.

Because all children must be supported in imagining a better world, contributing to the society they dream of and creating their own future through arts and culture.

Because arts and culture as seen from a child’s perspective strengthen democracy, reduce marginalization and create opportunities in life for all.


Behind the summit is Barndrømmen - Children Need Arts Foundation. We believe that if heads of state, ministers, industry, experts, opinion-makers, artists and ambassadors stand together, we have the strength to give children opportunities and faith in the future - both globally and locally.


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